A True Story

cast3mlNick (Dan Musgrove) Richard (Matt Whelan) and Alex (Elliot Wrightson) in a crucial meeting for money to launch the operation

 No.8 Films has produced a feature length adventure drama movie called ‘3 Mile Limit’ set in 1965. It’s a true story of one man’s struggle to bring rock music to a nation, an iconic New Zealand story with a universal ‘David and Goliath’ theme. The youth will find it incredible this actually happened and existed
as part of New Zealand society in the 1960’s. It’s a titanic struggle for freedom and ‘the choice to choose’

945062_397929183655506_1984322412_nThe Government send in an Orion to track the boats position.
smile2Judy and Richard love each other but radio soon divides them.

Caught in the crossfire is Judy Davis a beautiful emerging artist the wife of the man hell bent on bringing rock music to the airwaves. She’s a strong, confident lovable woman, who supports her husband’s hunger to succeed but discovers events that slowly start to crack the marriage. The cost of which unfolds as Richard desperately tries to hold onto the woman he loves and keep his dream of radio alive.

z9The men are united for the fight that lays ahead, there is no stopping now

Rules and regulations strangled a young generation wanting to break free. The Government refused a private radio licence to a young 23 year old journalist Richard Davis who wants to bring a brand of rock n’ roll to a country looking for change. A boat called the ‘TIRI’ was bought and one hell of an adventure began!

936411_403615596420198_1165111299_nRichard and the boys row from the TIRI to the float plane for their ride back to Auckland